Our History

The ADRC serving Green Lake, Marquette and Waushara Counties began under a planning grant in 2004 and commenced providing services in July 2006 as a multi-county program in the State of Wisconsin.

In 2008 we diligently worked together as we implemented Family Care in these three counties.

2011 brought about another expansion, as the planning process to bring Adams County into the regional consortium was initiated.

In 2012 the ADRC serving Adams, Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara was established.  As a regional ADRC, our counties have benefited from the economies of scale that improved our efficiencies in areas such as staff training, responsiveness to referrals, purchasing, marketing, printing, policy oversight, and consistency in interactions with community partners.  Due to recent support for models that integrate Aging services with ADRCs, the Marquette County office of the regional ADRC merged with our Aging Unit in January of 2017; our integrated ADRC/Aging services continued to include Adult Protective Services and Elder Abuse services and remain part of the Human Services Department.  Soon after joining our ADRC and Aging offices, it became apparent that an increased focus on our newly integrated Marquette County services could bring further improvements for residents of our county.  After months of discussion and with board recommendations, Marquette County has chosen to operate a single county Aging and Disability Resource Center.

As of January 1, 2018 the ADRC of Marquette County was established.  Our single county, integrated ADRC will serve the community members of Marquette County.  We intend to create a dynamic and engaged ADRC that will continue to focus on improving ADRC, Aging and APS services in our service area.  We will also remain involved in community and statewide initiatives that enhance awareness of and access to ADRC and other services/benefits that our customers desire.