A court procedure to appoint someone to make medical and/or financial decisions for an incompetent person over the age of 18. 

Marquette County Department of Human Services – Adult Protective Services:
428 Underwood Ave
Montello, WI 53949
(608) 297-3124

 Additional Resources

 Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG): A nonprofit that identifies and provides direct victim services in areas of: elder financial abuse, elder identity theft, and medical identity theft – consumer Medicare fraud.
30 West Mifflin Suite 406
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 224-0606 or (800) 488-2596
Guardianship Support Center: (855) 409-9410

Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc. (GWAAR):  A nonprofit agency committed to supporting the successful delivery of aging programs and services in 70 counties and 11 tribes in Wisconsin.  Provide agency training, technical assistance, and advocacy.
1414 MacArthur Rd, Suite A
Madison, WI 53714
(608) 243-5670