Free hotline for people in Crawford, Dane, Juneau, La Crosse, Marquette, Monroe, Richland, Sauk, and Vernon counties who were affected by last summer’s flooding:

People can call (877) 947-5291 if they are facing legal issues and are unable to afford a lawyer between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. People can also submit questions online at

Types of assistance include:

  • Assistance with securing Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government benefits available to disaster survivors;
  • Help with life, medical, and property insurance claims;
  • Assistance with home repair contracts and contractors;
  • Replacement of wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster;
  • Help with consumer protection matters, remedies, and procedures;
  • Counseling on mortgage foreclosure problems;
  • Counseling on landlord-tenant problems.